Frutier Corporate Identity

Stationary elements group

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Business card

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Promotional element

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Frutier logotype

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Frutier Corporate Identity

Customer: Art-Fruit   Year: 2005
Corporate identity of Frutier, gourmet sweets made of natural fruit.

To step up a product that looks like a candy to the category of chocolate, as it is more suitable due to the quality, flavour and tenderness of the product.

The word Frutier (antique palace officials of in charge of the fruit) transmits the image of an exclusive product, and the slogan “Joyas de fruta” (Fruit Jewels) reinforces it.
The image is based on the black colour as quality symbol that emphasizes the colourful product. The round form that lumps together the whole range of products is the inspiration for the logotype shape and for the black band applied in all the pieces of the stationery.

Naming, slogan, logotype, stationery, promotional element, copywriting management, design of the twisted form of the sweet, packaging and website.

  • Selected for the exhibition D.A.S. | Design After School
    Roma Design + Week, 2009.

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