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What does accessibility mean and why should we take it into consideration?

Accessibility means ease of use, visit and access something by everyone, especially by those with some type of incapacity.

The Web accessibility offers a universal access to the Web, independent of the type of hardware/software, network infrastructure, language, geographic location and capacities of the user.

Many people accede to the Websites information from very different contexts and can have:

These groups constitute between a 10% and a 20% of the population and for them navigating through a nonstandard Web is very difficult and sometimes even impossible.

In order to know more about Accessibility:

The accessibility in

In 2creativo we are firmly commited with the Web accessibility.
The main measures we have adopted to improve the accessibility are following:


Although we often review all these points, in case you detect some failure related to this accessibility policy, we would appreciate if you communicate it to us to be able to correct it.


The Website has been developed following the programming language standards and the international rules of accessibility. [All are external links].

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